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No.7 'Honey' :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 8 0 No.8 'Belle' :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 11 1 No.11 'Moana' Enhanced Livery :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 8 1 Lemons with Ice :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 12 0 Almost Ready :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 13 2 No.1 'Elsie' - 2015 Rebuild :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 6 3 No.12 'Maybelle' :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 5 0 No.9 'Meridith' :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 5 0 No.6 'Coronian' :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 6 0 No.5 'Astrid'. :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 6 0 A Wee Beastie :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 14 5 No.10 'Jaselle' :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 7 1 No.3 'Anne' :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 3 0 No.2 'Punzie' :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 4 1 No.11 'Moana' :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 4 0 Navigation :iconlightningthev2:LightningTheV2 10 0
Photographs inspired by railways generally, but sometimes you will find something on my pets or my progress on my projects. :)


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Makker The Spakker
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hello, I'm Makker. Resident railway enthusiast, Disney fanatic and other such things. Sometimes I'll mash the two interests together, sometimes I'll post them independently, it depends on what I'm doing!
I'm the creator of the YouTube series Echoes Of The Glen, which is currently in development.


No.7 'Honey'
Honey is perhaps the most bizarre looking locomotive on the railway, at least in terms of being uncanny. Designed to be a pleasure to drive and fire, No.7 has an enclosed tender cab, easy to maintain valve-gear and a chassis based off Belle's earlier design. Unfortunately, despite her design encompassing everything crew-friendly, she was horrendously sporadic and unreliable. Designed for speed, she began to shake violently under speed tests, and jumped a set of points just outside Deesden Road Station while attempting to stop. Nobody was hurt, but the locomotive was taken back to the works under its own steam to try and fix its issues. While this work was being done, the tender cab was fitted, and the locomotive remained in ruby red primer. Unfortunately, the shaking wasn't fixed, and she derailed yet again at low speed, after high-speed tests. The locomotive was laid up for a few months, and then testing began again.

Before this testing could be finished, winter came, and the worst snow possible hit the valley-based railway. Engines like No.1 struggled fiercely against the snow, and knowing the risks, the management ordered No.7 out of her temporary retirement, to haul the drop-off supply train, to supply each of the stations along the line. The weather bested No.7 in the end, however, and she was involved in a violent derailment ten miles into her journey, destroying a signalbox in the process. Her crew barely got away with scrapes and scratches, thanks to the safety of the enclosed cab. After this incident, she was laid up in the shed, and taken apart for a rebuild. As of January 2017, the rebuilt locomotive was brought out for testing once more, this time in pink primer.

This drawing is an updated variant of a previous one, depicting No.7 in her final appearance, as opposed to a loose concept. 
No.8 'Belle'
Belle is not the first number eight for the railway. As a matter of fact, No.8 was originally assigned to an Austrian 'U' Class 0-6-2T, named 'Valkyrie'. This locomotive unfortunately had too many problems and was eventually laid aside due to boiler failure. She was then placed in the Deesden Railway museum as its only complete locomotive in 1981. This was during the days when the railway didn't use local numbering systems on its engines at all, predating computer safety technologies. 'Belle' came out of the works in 1991 as a direct replacement for the failed 'Valkyrie', and the first of the to-be Princess class 2-6-4Ts. The order for the five Princess Class engines was cancelled, however, and the prototype was completed under the classification of 'BB91', which stands for 'Bryan Braun', her designer, and her completion year.
Like No.10 'Jaselle', the locomotive is far too big (this time only in length rather than height, however) for many of the railway's tight curves. This caused a large count of track damage over the years, which eventually contributed to No.1's near-fatal accident in 2013. Remediation work began in the summer of 2013 to finally rectify this long-standing issue, and it is hoped that No.8 will be put on test in late 2017. 
No.11 'Moana' Enhanced Livery
Moana is a curious locomotive. Her construction began in 2005 and rapidly progressed. In less than five years she was actually steamable, but didn't have a tender or carrying wheels, or indeed a cab. By the time eleven years had passed, the locomotive was completed and given a complex livery based off the culture that inspired its outline. Using the chassis design first utilised with Belle (1991) and then with Honey (2011) the locomotive was essentially a copy of Honey with a new boiler design, and a trailing truck. Upon completion, the railway ran into financial troubles almost instantly, and the young engine was leased to the local canal company. Running on old tramway lines, Moana was constantly used for guiding larger vessels down the canals, rather than using horses. Once the loan period was up, Moana was quickly brought back to the C&DR for freight duties, thoroughly broken in and ready to work.

Later on, the C&DR experimented with Moana yet again, to little success. An old barge was converted to accommodate the locomotive, its tender, and a wagon for filtering water. Unfortunately the barge was unable to hold the engine's weight during testing, and it sank instantly. Thankfully, the locomotive was held with a crane for the testing, and was not damaged. The barge was later salvaged and stored, however, and turned into a museum piece. Moana marked the beginning and the end of the C&DR's experimental period, and sadly was the final full-on experiment for the railway for the foreseeable future. 

This drawing is an update of a previous variant, which depicts Moana in her final livery, rather than her conceptual one.
Lemons with Ice
Mk2 Prototypes of No.7 Honey and No.1 Elsie, all ready to go. Just posed in the program to show off what they look like as complete units.
High-poly edits and fixes made by the highly talented ExplosiveCookie! :iconexplosivecookie:
Almost Ready
Here we see Elsie and Honey, almost ready to print. They just need their poly-counts upping and they're finished. 
Please leave a comment on my work rather than just favouriting it. It feels nicer and more personal when I get a compliment in a comment.
Thank you.
PS: I must stress that you need to ASK before you put my works in random collections. And also note they are NOT part of the Thomas The Tank Engine universe. If they were, I would state as such. Any engine I own that possesses a face is not a Thomas character, but a custom model by myself.
Please stop doing that, seriously. It gets on my nerves.
  • Listening to: Still I Fly - Spencer Lee
  • Reading: Frozen's script
  • Watching: Planes: Fire & Rescue
  • Drinking: Strawberry milkshake


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